January Low-down

January Low-down

And just like that, System of Strength is 10.
We'll never forget the day we signed the lease for our first studio on Delashmut in 2013. It was a 12-month lease and the rent was less than $1,000 per month. Hindsight, it was a no-brainer. In the moment, it was terrifying. We were standing in the parking lot, jokingly throwing the pen saying “you sign it, no you sign it” and it went on like that for a while until eventually we put pen to paper.

That studio on Delashmut was our pride and joy. Those four walls encompassed our passion and belief in what SOS was, and an audacious vision of everything it could be. There weren’t many places that made us happier than the 1,800 sq feet inside of that concrete box. No frills, no AC. All blood, sweat, and dreams.

Of all the SOS memories throughout the years, the mental snapshot of us in that parking lot is one of our favorites and serves as a huge reminder to this day:

It always seems too big and too scary at the time. That’s what stops most people from doing big things.

But the two girls in that parking lot had an unwavering belief in themselves and a collective vision for SOS, regardless of what anyone else thought. We were our own cheering section, and damn it if that doesn’t mean EVERYTHING when you’re trying to do ANYTHING.

There are so many emotions that come with celebrating 10 years as a business owner, but one thing that we are feeling BIG is gratitude. So many small businesses don’t make it to 5 years and here we are celebrating a decade. It’s incredible, really, and it wouldn’t be possible without hard work, determination, purpose, and people like you believing in us.

We want to extend a huge thank you to each and every person who’s supported SOS for the last 10 years. It's meant everything to us.

To our incredible team of A++ badass humans at SOS, thank you doesn't seem like enough. Your relentless execution of the day-to-day at SOS and your knowledge of the impact you have on each client is everything and more. You are the reason that SOS runs like a well-oiled machine and we are lucky beyond measure that you continue to believe in what we’re doing. Your individual contribution to the whole of SOS matters. A LOT. 

We could go on all day about SOS, but we'd love to turn it over to you to hear about your SOS experience and how it’s impacted you. It could be a video, written word, photo, or all three. Our wish is to get your thoughts and weave them into our communication throughout the year like a little tapestry of SOS stories written by you. Please send to  keri@systemofstrength.com.

Here’s to 10 years gone by, another 10 to come, and to supporting & believing in each other through it all.

Keep Moving-

Keri & Gretchen
Looking for a positive way to ring in the new year? We've got you.

Team Tread is BACK and better than ever! The program launches on February 6th so sign up and take your running game to the next level. This program is packed with goodness...check it out:
  • 12 week guided half marathon training program incorporating the system and 3 weekly runs
  • 5 FREE in-studio classes
  • Running pace chart
  • 24-7 Support and coaching from your SOS Crew VIA Slack 
  • One free digital studio workout per week
  • free game-changing speed workouts created exclusively for team tread
  • Weekly goals and check-ins to help motivate you through to the finish line
  • Exclusive Team Tread apparel
  • Dedicated & CERTIFIED Running Coaches
  • Scheduled long group runs
  • Free private R+R class
  • Free private yoga class
  • Discount code cap city half marathon
  • 15% off the digital studio (first time users only, discount not available through app purchase)
  • Training program and all workouts can be tailored for beginner and advanced runners
On the fence and want to talk about it? Email Tread trainer, Matt W at matt@systemofstrength.com.

We can't wait to get this running party started! 

We are thrilled to be partnering with the Butterfly Guild during the first quarter of 2023. Butterfly Guild has raised over $4 million to aid in the mission at Nationwide Children’s. In recent years, their contribution has gone to support the Hospice and Palliative Care Program. They are committed and honored to support this effort, and these families, during a time of great need. We can't wait to get you more acquainted with this incredible organization in the months to come, and we invite you to check out their latest event, The Sound of Music! Also, be on the lookout for a donation class on January 8th with Kim to support this amazing organization!
We love a small business that gets it, and Lacquer Gallery is right at the top of our list. Lisa Suarez started LG with two people and today she has sixty creative, amazing, authentic humans working at LG. To know Lisa is to love her, and her compassionate, welcoming vibe continues to serve her well in the Columbus community. During the month of January, you can purchase our Sweat.To.Skin package that combines the best of  SOS + Lacquer. The package includes an SOS 10 class pass for $135 (Retails for $180) and a $200 Lacquer gift certificate for $150 (Lacquer GC is for the SKIN location only)! The total savings on this package is $95 and it's available until January 31st at midnight. 
Why do you train at SOS? While stepping away from the collegiate coaching world and into corporate – I needed something to supplement my love for teaching and that is when I found SOS. I love working with people to help them become better versions of themselves. SOS allows me to combine both my passion for fitness with my heart to help others day in and day out.
What makes SOS unique? The people. The community surrounding SOS is second to none and I truly mean that. No matter the time of day, the people surrounding you are motivating, empowering, and supportive - and not just in the moments when you want to give up, but in moments of triumph as well. Both as a client and instructor, when I step through those doors I feel at home. This community is my family.

What would you tell someone who's on the fence about SOS? What's holding you back? If you're looking for a challenging yet rewarding workout, a place with healthy competition and motivation, and an empowering community - SOS is it. There's always going to be a "good excuse" holding you back. Take the leap - I promise you will be coming back for more.

Anything interesting about you that people don't know? I was fortunate enough to receive a division one scholarship to play the sport I grew to love - field hockey at Ohio State. (yes I'm the one always repping some form of OSU FH attire) After graduating, I wasn't quite ready to hang up my stick and decided to view the sport from a different perspective - the sidelines. I coached at the collegiate level at both Kenyon College and Ohio State.

What music are you currently listening to? I listen to so many different genres... On long car rides, I enjoy EDM - Quinn XCII, Kygo, Chainsmokers, Odesza. Music with mellow vibes but will still keep you awake!

Follow your girl Hannah @hannahpany
We love you and we mean it. If you want to hang with us outside of the studio, we've got you.

WHO: SOS + You
WHAT: A few cock (or mock) tails + curling 
WHEN: Sunday, January 22nd @ 2:30pm
WHERE: Land Grant (424 W. Town St, Cols, OH 43215)
WHY: Because we want to hang with you outside of the studio. We've got 2 curling lanes + 2 igloos reserved so please stop by and play for a while!
Want more deets? Email Kim at kim@systemofstrength.com

Podcasts we're listening to: Lots of true crime junkies here, so Sword & Scale, Pike Town Massacre, To Live & Die in LA, Up and Vanished, and Your Own Backyard made the list. Other podcasts we're listening to: Fed Up. Described by Andrew Allen as a show about a bunch of really terrible people with amazing commentary by the annoying "idiot" neighbor from gone girl. Had him Lolz-ing so we are definitely intruiged, Anderson Cooper has a new podcast about grief called All There Is, and we're feeling it. 

Music we're listening to: SZA & anything hip hop, duh.

Books we're reading: Why we Sleep by Matthew Walker. This book helped our very own Emily R improve her sleep game x 100 so we think it' sworth a shot. The Maid was a rec from several SOS'ers and it's an amazing show on Netflix as well...literally SO good! The Guncle, The Body Keeps Score by Bessel Van Der Kolk, The Untethered Soul, The Athlete's Gut, Bittersweet, Atomic Habits. 

Shows we're watching: White Lotus, The Spotify Doc on Netflix. Dateline NBC & 48 Hours are always staples in this crew so keep one eye open and watch your back.

Have something you think we should listen to or watch? Please DM us @systemofstrength and we'll give it a review!

Let's talk about Pelotonia for a minute. Is anyone out there in SOS land interested in being on the first SOS Pelotonia team? Our very own Kim Verhoff has raised her hand to be a part of heading up the team, and we want to know who else is interested in a TEAM SOS this year at Pelotonia. Please email keri@systemofstrength.com or DM @systemofstrength to express your interest in being a part of this amazing mission to END CANCER, or sign up below!

Be on the lookout for new SOS merch in the next few months! If you have any SOS apparel requests please DM us @systemofstrength and let us know!

Look below for a free workout to get your new year started off right. Just click and enjoy a free workout with our beloved Steph M!
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